Gold Prospecting Technology is many things but for my purposes it’s been all about research. I’ve never sold equipment commercially but have been a pioneer with the creation and development of the first gold prospecting software.

Desktop Prospector

To the best of my knowledge, I was the first person to have created software designed to help prospectors in their quest for gold. In 2001 I created a piece of software call the desktop prospector. The desktop prospector received positive recognition quickly. Many in the prospecting community we’re using it. Although the first-of-its-kind, by today’s standards it seems a little archaic.

One of my next ventures was to create a website called in 2008. Minloc simply stood for Minerals Locator. In essence it was a web-based version of the last iteration of The Desktop Prospector but with the USGS public Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS) database added in and search capabilities upgraded. The goal of the site was to help prospectors and others research geology or mineral commodities based on reliable information. I retired the project and allowed the domain to expire. The domain name has since been registered by another party.

Prospectors Power Pack

As the Google Earth software became popular quickly. It was clear to see the need to integrate topo maps and BLM data with it. Since there were no restrictions for doing so I created custom KML files for this purpose. After the files were created I released the Prospectors Power Pack. It was quickly put to use by many in the prospecting community. The Power Pack enabled you to use Google Earth to see every feature of the GeoCommunicator but in the Google Earth interface. I have no hesitation in saying that others have since taken my original concepts to new heights.

Now this all makes me sound like much more of a geek than I actually am, believe it. At this point I have little interest in coding up new tools but do very much enjoy seeing the great work of others that was spawned with my kickstart efforts.