Fisher Gold Bug 2 -Tips

The Machine

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 (GB2) is one of the most capable gold detectors ever made and one of the most affordable, especially for those just getting started with metal detecting for gold nuggets. Its a fun, lightweight unit. Normally sold with just one coil the unit is a Very Low Frequency (VLF) detector. Now I’m not going to call myself a GB2 expert rather, an experienced user. How you setup the detector to run will definitely depend on the ground conditions where you use it. I’ve used my GB2 detector extensively in the Southwestern United States and have found many gold nuggets with it. The GB2 also works great in drywasher and hard rock mine tailings. You will find these Fisher Gold Bug 2 Tips useful. Ergonomically, the GB2 can be used as it is, on the shaft or you can hip or chest mount it. I prefer the stock shaft setup. In most hunts you’ll want to ensure that the coil wire is would tightly and firmly around the shaft. I like to use zip ties for this as they stay on the best over long periods of use but, even with a somewhat loose setup you should be fine operationally. 71 kHz. is the operating frequency for the GB2 and this makes the detector extremely sensitive to small gold nuggets. The manual for the GB2 will say that is an “ultra-high” frequency – which it is – but the detector is still considered a VLF detector.

Operation and Setup

I normally run my GB2 with the Sensitivity setting between 7 – 10. I know that is extreme for many detectorists. The volume is all the way up and if the ground is not excessively hot the Audio Boost feature is on. I almost always wear headphones. As far as  the Ground Reject is concerned I like to set it between 7 and 8. Mineralization is set to Medium normally but often gets changed to High or Low. If I’m getting tiny fly speck gold on bedrock then it is normally set to Low. The Iron Disc mode actually works to identify ferrous trash but still, dig every target. I don’t use Iron Disc often. As far as the Threshold is concerned I normally run it very quiet, just a nice hum.Sometimes after hours of use the noise of the threshold annoys me so I turn it silent and still find gold. A target will still sound through a silent threshold. I think the best tip I can give you is rebalance the GB2 often, sometimes every few feet. Swing the GB2 slowly and don’t go “golfing” or walk the detector. Detect the ground with it. Always use fresh batteries, rechargeables are fine.I hope these tips help you. Remember, you will not be an expert overnight and a detector sitting in the closet only finds dust. Get out as often as you can. Persistence, patience and hard work will get you the gold. This article is really just a kick-starter for you if you are new to the GB2. If you purchased a GB2 used and don’t have the user manual or just need it, you can find it on Fisher’s website.