Gold Prospecting Equipment

What I recommend

I like to recommend those who have provided me with great service and equipment over the last several decades. These endorsements are purely voluntary. I have not received financial incentives, discounts or other compensation for making the recommendations you see here.

Good Gold People and Good Reading

Rob Allision | – I’ve been purchasing metal detectors from Rob for almost 2 decades. He’s honest, fair and friendly. Rob also has one of the best online forums out there.

Bill Southern | – I’ve purchased various items from Bill over the years. Bill is honest, fair and friendly. Bill also has one of the best online forums out there.

Promack Treasure Hunting – One of the best dealers in the U.S. Give them a try!

Chris Ralph | Fists full of Gold – Chris is a friend and his book Fists Full of Gold is the most comprehensive book ever written on gold prospecting.

ICMJ – The best prospecting and mining publication available.

Gold Miners HQ – The Gold Miner’s Headquarters is an International recreational gold mining directory. A huge resource of listings for clubs and gold mining related businesses. – Gold mining property for prospecting, adventure vacations for families. Training is included; beautiful scenery, fun, and healthy outdoor activities.

Gold Sheet Links – A great resource for mining related links. Includes mining companies, mutual funds, newsletters, and prospecting.

Gold Prospecting Equipment

Keene Engineering – I’ve been using Keene products for decades including dredges, drywashers, rock crushers and vacuums. These folks stand behind their products and take great care of their customers.

Minelab – I’ve been swinging Minelab metal detectors for almost 2 decades and have found some amazing gold with them. Everything from sub gram nuggets all the way up to multi-ounce nuggets. Their products are top of the line and work.

KellyCo Metal Detectors – Although they are often more expensive than your local dealer and do not provide the same level of in-person customer care (they can’t be everywhere), KellyCo has been a good company to me. They have a huge inventory. I purchased my Tesoro Lobo, White’s GMT and Fisher Gold Bug 2 from KellyCo.

Fisher Labs – The Gold Bug 2 is the only Fisher metal detector I’ve owned. It’s a great new patch finder and is the best machine on the market to get small nuggets and specimen gold.

White’s Electronics – The White’s GMT served me well for many years and is a fantastic vlf machine. The company provides great customer service.

Tesoro – Back in the 1990’s I began using Tesoro detectors to find gold. They are nice units and the company provides great customer service.Delorme – One item that is good to have in the field with you is Delorme’s InReach Explorer. The InReach Explorer allows you to use 2 way text communication on a satellite network anywhere in the world.

Neff Rental – Neff makes it easy to rent backhoes, bulldozers and other equipment needed for mining operations.